Sunday, June 3, 2012

Emo :( Helppppppp

I just hate it when I'm being so sensitive and emotional. And I realize this is the biggest weak point of me and I need to get rid of it. Is hard. I tend to get angry easily because of minor problems. This whole thing just make my life so stressful and unhappy. I just feel used all the time. Hate dealing with problems and troubles. Just hate it soo much. Some people are just so dangerous. They will only find you when they have problems. They can be very friendly infront of you but at the back they can stab you with millions of knives and swords... Tell me. What is their mind thinking? I don't understand how people can be so hypocrite and I'm soo naive to believe and so naive to think that when people treat you good,they're your best friend. I trust people easily. I don't know how to differentiate people. I shall be wiser from now on. Some people are just so scary. And I hate it when my friends have mood swings or pms shit.

Gosh. I don't know what am I typing all these craps. But all these words are on my mind. Too much of things going on. Just hope that everything will be okay after sometime. How I wish everything can be like starting of the year. When things are not so complicated. WHY AM I SO FREAKING SENSITIVE AND EMOTIONAL? >:(

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My complain on holiday . LOL

Hey i'm free to blog now . Cause is the 4th day of school holiday . i'm very bored now & whole day just sit infront of computer sit infront of television & keep playing my new baby iphone 4S nothing to do . Seems like i'm a useless people right ? LMAO.. 

I saw that in facebook many people post that they will go for holiday outstation , i'm envy ! -_- " U can't guess what i'm feeling . I'm soooooo sooooooo soooooo boring . LOL ! Before the school holiday , my exam was over on last thursday , woahhhh ! it's a nightmare for me , a nightmare for 3 weeks , i'm gonna be a zombieeeeeeee on that few days , cause i study until midnight not enough sleep and my eye bag is getting worst ! =O   But i wanna thanks that my cell group member pray for me in the whole 3 weeks , my whole exam is to rely on GOD , rely on GOD and i feel that can decrease my pressure , no pressure at all and can relaxed to participate my exam . I hope that my result can better than first time of exam . This is what i want ! Oh Lord , please achieve my desire! Ehemmmmmmmm , holiday i need to hang out i need to outstation i need to revision i need to study bible i need to pray hard i need to communicate with my GOD . I can't stand if i nothing to do , i will become insane if like that .  Aiksss!!

Ohyesshhhhhhhhh ! Dad is coming back from ShenZhen tonight , i can't wait for him , i've many things to tell him many things to annoy him , HAHAHA , 1 week didn't fight with him , argue with him , play with him , joke with him . 

Oh Jesus , please let daddy is safe to back MALAYSIA , nothing happen for delay , nothing happen on the airplanes , in the name of jesus christ ! AMEN

Hey daddy , do u remember my souvenir ? HAHAHA , i think don't have , dad so busy in overseas , 1 month overseas 2 or 3 times , Issshhhh , seems like is a tired trip for him in a month . Hehehe . I wonder that this 2 weeks of school holiday i think that i will become lunatic . ZzZzZzzZz ............................... I need my holiday backkkkkkkkk !  Luckily that tomorrow going back Kelantan cause mum going attend her's event for classmate gathering . If back Kelantan , actually i also will feel bored , there's nothing to shop nothing to play , LOL i really likke to complain this complain that , so bad huh me . Hahahaha . no choice , i can't really stand this kind of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Arghhhhhh . STUPIDDDD HOLIDAYYYYYY !!! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

my changed for god & this coming weekend church activities .

Woohoo , i'm so weird today , got the mood to write bloggie . LOL . This Saturday & Sunday ,  Special Crossover 10th Anniversary service on Saturday with Rev. Dr. Kong Hee featuring Sun Ho (Official)), O School and Taiwanese celebrities 黄美珍 (Jane, Huang Mei Chen) of 神木与瞳, Angus of IO 樂團 & Wing Luo 罗文裕! It will be a 2-part service, 5-7pm & 7.30-9pm, and food are for sale during the 30-minute break.

6 May: On Sunday, Rev. Dr. Kong Hee will be preaching a different sermon. 

A great weekend for me actually ! I'm really glad that GOD gave me a good church and i've changed alot when i move to CITY HARVEST CHURCH ! I've change my image , my thinking , my attitude , my inward looking changed to outward looking , and changed to know more how god is so wonderful & awesome , & i'm not be the same as last time , just a believer of jesus christ & not knowing GOD so clearly :DDD 

& I still have so funny and caring cell group member & leader ! =) I'm growing in this church so fast . :D Hope that can participate ministry in worship team and then can to serve GOD ! =D AMEN ! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Dinner with family & celebrate my birthday :DD - God i'm very confuse =(

Hey yo  , i'm back from puchong - kissaten japanese restaurant :DDD , I'm in love with japanese food , therefore , daddy bring me there for dinner =D I haven't get my present , it will be delay from dad . My Iphone 4S ! I need you now :( My 3Gs is getting worst & worst , almost cant functioning in MSG & Facebooking . I was like OMG , arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Dad after this few days will go overseas for work again :(  I DONT LIKEEEEE , he's not here , i'm very boring , no one play with me , no one kidding with me , no one fight with me , no one argue with me , no one buy things for me , no one let me hit , no one let me expressing my feeling , HAHAHAHA , seems that i'm always bully my daddy , my mum always complain me don't keep bullying daddy . hahahaha , i'm not  ! this is my family communication style . The most special in YEO'S FAMILY :P


- my feeling is very confuse now , god please help me =( I really don't want let something to confuse my mind . I'm just blogging to express my feeling . I don't want to let anything coerce :( Seems that i need a listener .

Sunday, April 22, 2012

celebration of April's babe . ( me , koyuki , chiau wei , johnson & eli )

Hey guys i'm back from church and now i'm super free to blog out that yesterday 16 of us hang out to celebrate me & 4 others friends birthday :D It's a wonderful & awesome memories for us , thanks you guys gave me a most happiest birthday in this year . We are the one who always talk , eat , run , play , laugh & etc each other although we sometimes will argue each other for something else . HAHAHA , i'm glad that have so much friends celebrate birthday for 5 of us =) Thanks god give me so many sincere friends & always concern me all the time when i'm not happy or sick . Oopsss , i think that i'm out of title =__=" HAHA !! Furthermore , yesterday we went to Desa Petaling @ old western cowboy steak house to celebrated . Lets enjoy the photo awhile =)  HAPPY SWEET 17 FOR 5 OF US !!!! May god bless us all way long :D

Photo of the MENU ! got feeling ? :DDD 

Me & koyuki babe =) 
She is hugging me :DDD I love her so much , the most sincere  friend & most believe me
Birthday babiessss , hahaha . we are showing off the birthday card 
 Birthday boys & girls from left : JianHui , me , ChiauWei , Koyuki & Johnson 

Me & Mr .Yong !!! :D HAHAHAHA 
Me & Dikson . Handsome right ? XDDD
5 of us cutting the cake :D 
Blow candle , Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !! =]
With Lik Hol . Most funniest guy in our group =D Love his funny style 
showing off the birthday card again , front page :D 
Showing off our Birthday Present :D Thanks a lot babessssssss !!
Me & Johnson ! Most tall in our group 
Me & Constance . A helpful friend :D
Another photo with Johnson =D
Birthday girl kiss birthday girl =) HAHAHAHA
ChiauWei , Seamus & Me :D Beautiful girl & handsome boy =) I'm ugly :XXX
Me & Mr.William !! :DDD See his face , so Lansi right ? XD
William , Me & Worms :D This 2 guy catch me for take photo with them -.-
Me & Mei Eng . Dai ga jie !!! The most big girl in our group . 1/6/1994 
Our present !! See our face , so happy =) 
At last :D We are one big family !! still got others not here =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chromeheart revelation April 5-8 ! =)

Halleluja glory of the god ! :D Thanks GOD !! Church's product was smoothly ended . I felt very tired for this few days , cause chromeheart is continuos for 4 days long , but i attend the product for 3 days and because of this 3 days me & my family invited many many friends to church , OMGoshhh /_\ Felt pity for me ?? No no , it's very worth to watch this show . =) LETS ENJOY THE PHOTO !

Yes ! this is my church :D izzit look like a concert ? XD Thanks GOD our target are reached ! It's over over target ! reached about 10,000 people for 4 days !!!! 

Thanks for those performers , it's about 50++ performers ! Thanks Paster Kevin Loo & his wife Director Esther Ku , they gave us a wonderful memories & awesome show for us ! They've prepared this show about half year , performers too , keep rehearsal for 3 times a week , rehearsal until midnight and after that they still wanna to work & attend classess ! =( It's very suffer for them in this 6 months , non-stop preparing & rehearsal .

Yes they are , a lot of people whom prepared this show .... =)

This are characters of QUOMOROS , bad and evil characters ! =) see their make up , it's not easy ! :DDD
The ending part ! This action are awesome !! But then , although it's awesome , but it's not easy to landing down ! they practiced many times for  success . The right hand side performers , when he's rehearsal to landing down , he's head knocked on the floor when landing , i think he's have getting injured . Ouchhh =(




BEFORE ! =) After finished taked photo with him , mentioned that when i meet him in church remember say hi to him , LOL ! i don't know that i can recognize him ornot , real life and ur make up is very big different ! XD



                                           ENJOY THE PART OF VIDEO !

                             Magician is performing ! Awesome shot ! Watch !!! 

                                                   Alexis Gan sing set fire to rain feat by ADELE

i love my church , so proud of CityHarvestChurch and all the hardwork of the CHROMEHEART team has put in , and now being featured on 3 different newspaper ! You guys deserve it ! Thanks GOD so much =)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chromeheart , my lovely church's product

LALALA , im sport girl :P , U see !!! i know so so so many sports !!!! i know badminton , swimming , wushu , paint ball ( war game ) & archery . Learn before !!! :DDD  Erm , SKIP !!! ~~~~ =)

This coming Thursday , Friday , Saturday & Sunday , City Harvest Church's product ! God is great , i thought that i invite friends will fail , cause everytime when i invite i'm sure that it will unsuccessful ! But now , before i invite them , i prayed everyday  =] at last i'm success invited 10 friends to go this coming Saturday Chromeheart revelation . But i still must keep praying and this few days evil spirit keep disturb me , i'm keep non-stop headache =( eat panadol also no effect . The thing that i can do is just praying . I must fight through , i swear i can successful to bring them to church on Saturday :D